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What to Know When Searching Quebec Notary Records

Guest blogger: Sharon Callaghan  Quebec notary records are valuable to family history researchers, because of the wealth and rich details of personal data found in them. Are you looking through these records and perhaps unsure of some things you’re seeing? Many notary records are digitized in Ancestry’s collection, Quebec, Canada, Notarial Records, 1626-1935. This online Read More

Ancestry Extra: La Collection Drouin : un incontournable de la généalogie canadienne-française – Informations sur l’accès gratuit et conseils

Résumé Luc Lépine propose une introduction à la généalogie à travers les documents et les outils de recherches disponibles sur  Vous découvrirez vos origines canadiennes-françaises jusqu’à l’arrivée de votre ancêtre en Nouvelle-France. Vous n’avez pas besoin de vous inscrire, il suffit de se rendre sur la page Facebook d’AncestryCA à 10 h 00 HNE Read More

Ancestry Extra: We Must Have Swam Over – Research Tips for Finding Your Immigrant Ancestors – Free Access details, records and top tips

Summary Finding your immigrant ancestors can be tricky. Cara MacDonald, Manager of Reference Services at the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21, shares her research process and tips for locating those hard-to-find immigration records. From the “why” behind being unable to locate difficult records to effective wildcard searching and gathering information from non-immigration sources, Read More

The Chrysalis: The Early Life of Susanne Gim Ling Yip Sang

This is a guest blog post by Linda Yip, member of the Ancestry Canada Advisory Board.   I am fascinated by the lives of my ancestors. To me, genealogy only begins with the documents – those birth, marriage,  and death records –  because what I want most to know is the story. Who were they, Read More