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After the free access period ends, you will only be able to view papers using a paid subscription.

Five Top Tips on using for research:

  • Clip articles when found! Don’t assume you’ll be able to find the article later.  Clip any article you find that might be relevant to your research and make a brief annotation so that you use the search in clippings tool to easily find who you were researching.
  • Check spelling variations. Will, Bill, Billy and William might all be ways an ancestor was listed.  Also, even names like Smith might spelled as Smyth or something else. Check for any variation you can think of.
  • Research siblings and cousins. Your ancestor may not be mentioned in an article, but an article about a sibling or cousin might have a clue to breaking down a brick wall.  Or maybe just an interesting story you have never heard.
  • Research places of business. Did you ancestor work at a place of business that you know by name?  Look for ads or articles about that place of business for more information.
  • Military units are often discussed. Military units are often discussed during a conflict or on special anniversaries even many years later. Research any unit or regiment your ancestor may have belonged to.


Anne Gillespie Mitchell has been chasing her ancestors up and down the Great Wagon road through Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina for many years.  She currently works for Ancestry on a variety of products including Civil War Stories, Ancestry Library Edition, AncestryK12 and RootsWeb.





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